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Bidens head back to DC after weekend that included sub commissioning ceremony


President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden flew out of Delaware on Monday, following the  commissioning of the USS Delaware at the Port of Wilmington.

The commissioning was  not open to the public but was  streamed. A host of local dignitaries and veterans attended the comissioning and tours of the nuclear-powered vessel.

The president heads back to the White House on a day when the world is reacting to the horrors found in Ukranian villages after Russian troops departed. Civilians were tortured, raped and executed, according to reports on the ground. Biden called for the gathering of evidence into the killings and for Russian President Putin to face war crimes charges.


The Bidens stayed at their home near Greenville over the weekend and flew out Monday morning.

Typically, the First Couple avoids the rush hour period that can lead to traffic delays, sometimes referred to as “Joe Jams.”

The Bidens typically hold no public events and instead attend mass and visit with family members and friends.

A 2020 commissioning ceremony at the Port of Wilmington for the submarine  was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Biden returned this week from a meeting with European leaders in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Bidens typically split their weekend visits between Delaware and Camp David in the Maryland mountains outside of Washington, DC.

The dedication of the submarine provided  a boost to the Wilmington-area economy as media, White House staff, and Navy officials take rooms and dine at local restaurants.