Delaware gas price rise continues with another 4¢ a gallon added on Thursday


First State Gas prices rose another four cents a gallon between Wednesday and Thursday.

AAA’s Fuel Price Finder reported the average gas price in Delaware have risen 22 cents in the past week. Delaware, which typically has gas prices below the national average, is now eight cents a gallon above that figure.

As of Thursday morning, crude oil traded on the NYMEX exchange at $104 a barrel after dropping below that $100 benchmark for a time last week.

Delaware average gas prices

Current Avg.$4.221$4.595$4.835$5.355
Yesterday Avg.$4.188$4.552$4.770$5.274
Week Ago Avg.$4.000$4.448$4.689$5.087
Month Ago Avg.$4.086$4.527$4.765$5.125
Year Ago Avg.$2.749$3.131$3.334$3.084
From AAA

The price at the pump in Delaware has risen steadily since neighboring Maryland ended its gas tax holiday.

Among the nation’s 50 states, Maryland and Delaware ranked No. 1 and 2 respectively in having the biggest jump in gas prices, AAA noted.


Factors influencing the price at the pump include the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the usual increase in driving during the spring months.

Membership clubs (BJ’s, Costco, and Sam’s) continue to be the low price leaders in Delaware. Two independent stations in Middletown listed the lowest prices.

As of Thursday morning, the Costco near Christiana Mall, southeast of Newark, had a posted price for regular of $3.86 a gallon, a whopping 40 cents lower than the $4.26 a gallon prices that were commonplace in the area.

Costco typically raises prices when gaps this wide appear, but often stays at 15 to 20 cents a gallon below nearby stations. Pump prices can change rapidly in Delaware, which has no restrictions on the timing.