$300 rebate bill signed by governor


Gov. John Carney Thursday signed a bill on Thursday that gives most adult residents in Delaware a one-time $300 rebate check.

Work is underway to issue the checks under House Bill 360 this spring.

The Office of State Treasurer Colleen Davis and JPMorgan Chase will be responsible for sending out tax rebate checks. In addition, Chase provides financial services for the state, including a payment system for vendors.


“I want to thank the Division of Revenue along with the Department of Finance for providing our team and JP Morgan Chase with the information we need to expedite the check printing in accordance with our standards of practice,” Davis said. “Finance Secretary Geisenberger’s team will also develop the infrastructure to get rebates to qualified taxpayers not required to file a return. This bi-partisan, inter-agency effort is just another example of how we can work together for the benefit of our citizens.”

The bill was introduced after finding that bond obligations ruled out a gas tax holiday in Maryland. As a result, the Maryland bill benefitted some Delaware residents near the state line who could buy gas at a cheaper price.

Maryland is also on its way to passing a bipartisan tax relief bill that will mainly aid senior citizens in the state. Both states have large budget surpluses due to federal pandemic assistance and higher-than-expected tax revenues.

Delaware Republican legislators had earlier proposed bills that would lower taxes for individuals and businesses. However, those measures never gained traction.

Democrats, who control both houses and the governor’s office, see much of the state surplus as a one-time windfall and contend that permanent tax cuts would lead to future tax hikes during an economic downturn.

Delaware’s rebate legislation had bipartisan support. (See information below).

Roll calls

ChamberResultDateVote TypeYesNoNot VotingAbsent
SenatePassed4/14/22 5:04 PM2/321000
HousePassed4/7/22 4:31 PMSM35303