Additional felony charge added in McGuiness case


Delaware State Auditor Kathy McGuiness faces an additional witness intimidation felony charge related to her conduct after the original indictment was issued. 

The latest charges allege intimidation that included real-time surveillance of emails of a current employee and a  former staffer.

The indictment also cites a meeting where McGuiness expressed unhappiness with information coming out of the office and staffers listening in without permission on a legislative hearing on the auditor’s budget requests.

The indictment alleges that McGuiness tried to dissuade witnesses from listening in or giving testimony.

She now faces additional misdemeanor and felony counts that include pay8ing her daughter for working in the auditor’s office, even though she later went to college out of state.

McGuiness denied the allegations and has ignored calls to take a leave of absence as the case moves to trial. In addition, she has denied that the indictment casts a shadow over the office’s work.

The Democratic officeholder was unsuccessful in requesting the state to pay for a private attorney who will represent her in court.

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