Biden headed to Delaware this weekend.


President Joe Biden is spending a shorter-than-normal weekend at his Greenville area home.

Biden flew into New Castle County on Friday night on Air Force One, rather than the Marine One helicopter after traveling to Joint Base Andrews from the White House.

He is slated to fly out of Delaware early Sunday afternoon. The President and First Lady fly out Sunday night or Monday morning.

The President continues to face a crisis in Ukraine, with Russian troops surrounding its border.

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On Friday, Biden signed an executive order on Project Labor Agreements at labor union offices in neighboring Maryland. The White House claims the order will will “improve timeliness, lower costs and increase quality in federal construction projects.”


Project labor agreements are made between unions and contractors on construction projects. Nonunion contractors say the practice drives up costs. However, the plan had support from other contractor associations.

Earlier, Biden delivered remarks on a jobs report that was stronger than expected, given the surge in Covid-19 cases around the holidays.

Biden’s frequent weekend visits to Delaware provide a modest boost to the Wilmington-area economy, thanks to the presence of staff and media that accompany his travels.

He has been the target of criticism for the weekend visits. Supporters point to the relatively short distance between the White House and northern Delaware.

The President and the First Lady typically split their weekends between their Greenville area home and Camp David.