Home Construction Duffield engineering firm rebranded as Verdantas

Duffield engineering firm rebranded as Verdantas

Duffield engineering firm  rebranded as  Verdantas

Delaware-based Duffield Associates is one of five professional service groups that have been rebranded as Verdantas.

Ohio-based Verdantas was assembled with backing from a private equity company

Round Table Capital Partners launched this new venture with the acquisition of Hull & Associates in July of 2020. It later added Duffield Associates, LLC, HSW Consulting, LLC, GeoInsight, Inc. and Alden Research Laboratory, Inc.(


The combined organization now offers environmental, energy, water, civil infrastructure, and green and sustainable engineering services. Duffield focused on the environmental-geotechnical market.

The CEO is Gerry Salontai. “Nearly everything we offer as a company makes the world a better place – that’s what engineers, scientists, and technical experts do – that’s how we are wired. We recognize we are contributing to a better, greener future, by collaborating with our clients and the communities where we work. We strive to do this in an atmosphere where our people can thrive and accomplish great things together, supported by a strong team culture,” Salontai said.

Verdantas employs over 450 people across 26 offices.

For more information, logo on to verdantas.com.