Dover NASCAR track has new logo, digital token promotion


Speedway Motorsports has rebranded its newly acquired Dover track.

Dover International Speedway is now known as Dover Motor Speedway. The Nashville Superspeedway name was retained for the Tennesse track. Speedway acquired Dover Motorsports, a publicly-traded company that had operated both tracks.

Dover Motor Speedway now includes the Speedway Motorsports corporate logo.

Speedway is working to bridge the digital and physical worlds with an NFT of the Dover and Nashville tracks. NFT stands for (non-fungible token) an online collectible. A collector’s-edition cap will also be offered. The tokens allow the track operator to offer perks and promotions to buyers of the digital products.

Speedway Motorsports is one of two large multitrack NASCAR owners who operate many of the NASCAR circuit’s venues.


Speedway has been offering NFTs of races at Bristol, Las Vegas, Charlotte and Texas.

Dover Motorspeedway will offer one spring NASCAR weekend in 2022. As was the case last year, the second weekend will be in Nashville. The 2021 race received a warm reception in the music city and offers more sponsorship opportunities.

More information on merchandise is available at