Rom-coms, scary movies and missed Emails


Hello everyone,

A couple of odds and ends at midweek.

Over the past several months,  the flurry of online story pitches has turned into a blizzard.

One recently  came from  an individual who wanted Delaware Business Now to  run a piece on Delaware’s favorite romantic, commonly known as a “rom-com.”

The winner, drum roll please,  is – Clueless, the’ 90s teen movie, which may have also described the pitch to a business-to-business site. Then again, it worked, perhaps not in the way intended.

Now, about those lost Emails. 

While the avalanche of story pitches and Google “news” alerts do not help, one problem was an Email system without easy-to-use features.

Thanks to a tip given over lunch, a switch was made to Spark.

Lo and behold, old Emails are reappearing.

Taking a couple of days off can still lead to lost messages, but Spark will be a big help.

Should you send in a news item of local interest that does not show up on our site within a week or two, it is still a good idea to send a follow-up message. The out of towners are relentless in in their follow-ups.

Returning to rom-coms, an event that at least one local individual described as a sign of the apocalypse, is now on your local cable channel or streaming service. 

Bruce Campbell, or Ash Williams of Evil Dead fame, is now starring in a Hallmark Channel movie.

It turns out that fans of horror movies like to unwind with sappy Hallmark holiday movies this time of year.

Fans  know both genres are fairly predictable.

The big difference is what the Geico Halloween commercial points out – characters in horror movies make lots of bone-headed decisions. 

In Hallmark movies, sound decisions are made by slightly less handsome older couples who have been around the block a few times.

What follows after some light-hearted turmoil is the happy couple walking into the sunset.

And on that note, here’s hoping you have less than scary pre-holiday evening. – Doug Rainey


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