Punkin Chunkin seeks Delmarva site, with lack of liability lawsuit dollar limits making Delaware a long shot


World Championship Punkin Chunkin is looking for a home in Delmarva.

“After building momentum with the 2019 World Championship Punkin Chunkin in Illinois, we were hopeful that things were moving in the right direction. Unfortunately, Covid brought that momentum to a screeching halt. Despite that setback, we continued to work behind the scenes to resurrect our event and continue a world-famous tradition,” the organization wrote in a lengthy release.

The release continued, “2022 will be a crucial year for the World Championship Punkin Chunkin. If we are not able to build the necessary support and get things back on track with a physical event, the future of our organization will remain uncertain. So, we are once again at the point where we need the public’s help to make Punkin Chunkin a reality. Most importantly, we need a wide-open space where we can let pumpkins fly.”

According to the release, the group is looking  for 200 acres, or more, of open, relatively flat land located somewhere on the Delmarva Peninsula. A smaller space is a possibility, but might limit the “size and scale of our competition as well as the types of machines that are allowed to enter.”

The group did not rule out a North Carolina site, citing the state’s less stringent personal injury lawsuit laws.

Punkin Chunkin gained international attention over the years as well as a number of similar events around the country.

Further information can be viewed at  www.punkinchunkin.com/location or contacting the organization at info@punkinchunkin.com

The release, which grew into a national event in Sussex County again noted the lack of restrictions on the dollar amount of lawsuits filed in the state. Trial lawyers, who are a powerful force in the General Assemby, have been blamed for the lack of dollar limits. Attorneys firmly deny the claims.

Previous Punkin Chunkins in  Delaware  saw accidents, including one involving a member of the crew filming the  event.The event also saw increasingly popular launchers.

“If the event can’t be a Delaware tradition, we want it to remain a Delmarva tradition. Punkin Chunkin should remain close to the people who built and supported this event for nearly 30 years. Fortunately, Maryland and Virginia have laws favorable to our event and non-profit organizations like the WCPCA,” the release stated.

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