No recommendation yet from PJM on future of Indian River power plant


According to spokesman Jeffrey Shields, regional grid operator PJM has not yet made a recommendation on the future of the Indian River plant near Millsboro.

The state’s last coal-fired power plant is slated to close next year after wholesale power bids came in below figures that would allow the plant to operate profitably.

Natural gas-fired plants have become more competitive with coal plants which come with higher labor and other operating costs.


PJM raised the possibility that the closing might be delayed if it is determined that the grid will need to be strengthened in areas around the power plant before a shutdown.

The grid operator did note that many coal-fired plants have been shut down without delays for grid upgrades.

Plant operator NRG has the right to accept or reject the recommendation from PJM.

The Indian River site could become the location where offshore wind electrical cables from Øfsted’s Skipjack offshore wind project would come ashore and connect to the grid.

Elsewhere,  idled power plants have been eyed as locations for battery storage of electricity that would smooth out the peaks and valleys of renewable energy generation.

Solar panels and even onshore wind turbines are also possibilities.

Delaware is under a mandate to get 40% of its power from alternate sources. At present, that would mainly involve buying up wind power from out of state.

House passes bill that ups renewable electricity mandate to 40% by 2035