Burris tops list of largest Delaware-based private companies


Burris Logistics ranks as the largest Delaware-based private company, according to an annual report from Forbes.

Milford-based Burris provides freezer warehouse space and transportation services in an area that includes New England, the Mid-Atlantic,  the South, and Midwest. It has more than two dozen warehouses.

Annual revenues total more than $4 billion, with the company employing 2,000. Burris ranked 110th  on the list of  200-plus companies.


The family-owned company also owns Trinity Logistics, a Seaford-based company that does not own its own equipment, but instead matches truckers to cargo nationwide.

Not far  behind was Newark-based  W.L. Gore and Associates at 119. Gore has annual revenues of $3.8 billion and 11,500 associates worldwide.

Gore is owned by members of the Gore family, many of whom are located in the Western U.S., and employee associates. Family member Bret Snyder is now the CEO of the company. Gore is known for having no job titles other than CEO.

The company is known for its engineered materials that include Gore-Tex fiber used in outwear and other areas.  The company got its start in cabling and has a presence in aerospace, hydrogen, and other markets.

Gore’s fastest-growing market is in medical materials used in heart repair, hernia repair, and other areas. That business is headquartered in Arizona.

The other Delaware-based company on the list was Mountaire Farms at 202. The poultry processor and feed company lists its headquarters as Selbyville. An Arkansas family owns Mountaire.

Among companies with a prominent presence in Delaware, Wawa topped the list at No. 29.

Wawa’s growth has been rapid, with the company leapfrogging the Carolinas from its Mid-Atlantic stronghold and expanding into Florida.

Wawa continues to acquire key pieces of retail real estate in Delaware in a battle with smaller Baltimore-based Royal Farms.

Wawa is partially owned by employees but remains under the control of the Wood founders, who have familial ties to the duPonts.

Another company with a large Delaware processing presence is Perdue Farms, based in neighboring Salisbury, MD.

Perdue, which remains under the ownership of the family of the same name,  ranks 51st.

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