Time for State Auditor to step down


Hello everyone,

The Delaware Democratic party has a giant-size headache on its hands following the grand jury indictment of State Auditor Kathy McGuiness.

McGuiness faces charges that could add up to years in prison.

The elected official is represented by an attorney from McCarter & English, the regional law firm that was able to successfully appeal the lower court convictions of former Wilmington Trust executives. The Wilmington Trust case involved former executives, while McGuiness vows to remain in office and, through her attorney, calls the indictment a one-sided story that will be refuted.

While a few Democratic legislators and the state party director demanded McGuiness’ resignation, most have been silent in a state where the party controls all statewide elected offices.

Charges aside, the indictment lifts the curtain on an auditor’s office in turmoil.

None of this is new. A  dysfunctional workplace was apparent near the end of the final term of the previous occupant of the office Republican Tom Wagner.

The recent whistleblower complaints that led to this indictment can’t be explained away as the work of unhappy employees.

The Auditor’s office is the last place in state government where allegations of a toxic workplace,  nepotism, and signs of skirting state procurement rules should be an issue. Any hint of scandal casts doubt on its work.

For those reasons alone, McGuiness should step down, with a separate independent investigation launched into long-running issues such as staff shortages and the workplace culture. – Doug Rainey, chief content officer.