Legislators call for indicted State Auditor to step down


Two legislators  called on Delaware State Auditor Kathy McGuiness to resign from the post following an  indictment announced on Monday 

Paul Baumbach (D)   wrote  that he is “very troubled by the serious charges filed on Monday against the Delaware Auditor of Accounts. I fully appreciate and wholeheartedly support the principal fundamental in our country of “innocent until proven guilty.” However, I am also keenly aware that those who serve in elected office depend upon the public trust and must constantly earn that trust, not just during”elections.”

Baumbach joined the chair of the Delaware Democratic Party in urging fellow Democrat McGuiness to resign.
Freshman state Rep. Eric Morrison, D-Glasgow,  who had earlier called for her resignation, issued the following:
“The Delaware Way” foisted Kathy McGuiness upon us although she had never spent a day of her career in state auditing or any auditing-related profession. She received endorsements from numerous powerful Delaware elected officials who wanted anyone in office except someone who would perform the job of state auditor as they should. Those elected officials owe it to all of us to take a good look at themselves in the mirror today.
Not only do I call upon State Auditor McGuiness to resign, but I call upon Governor Carney to replace her until the next election without consideration for “the Delaware Way.” She should be replaced by someone with the knowledge, capability, and moral fiber that the role of state auditor demands—and someone who will truly work for the people of Delaware and not bow down to powerful elected officials and special interests.
In a statement issued through her lawyer, McGuiness remained defiant and vowed to stay in office while contesting the charges that include misconduct in office,  structuring a state contract below the dollar figure that would require bids to hiring her daughter for a casual position, with the salary being paid while she was in college out of state.
McGuiness is a former Rehoboth Beach commissioner. She has worked as a pharmacist and  business owner.
The Legislature has the power to impeach and remove McGuiness from office. 
Delaware Online reported McGuiness pleaded not guilty and was released on $50,000 bail.