Covid update: Hospitalizations increase by 26

The Monday update from the Delaware Division of Public Health listed a high number of new cases but no recent deaths.
As of Sunday night, hospitalizations surged to more than  260, above the summer low of 20 but below the winter peak of 474.
States with severe outbreaks, such as Mississippi, have seen a sharp drop in new cases. However, Delaware did not see the same surge in new cases with its higher vaccination rate but has not seen a sharp decline either.
Delaware’s total number of Covid-related deaths remained at 1,972.
The other numbers:
• 390 new positive cases, bringing the overall total to 134,984. The seven-day average of new cases has remained around 450.
• 7.8% of total tests were positive in the seven-day rolling average, up one-tenth of a percent from the previous day. Last summer, the total test percentage had dropped to 1%.
• 266 current hospitalizations, up 26 from the previous day,  including 38 individuals in critical condition.
• 16 new hospital admissions, up three from the previous day.
• 1,231 people who tested negative, bringing the total to 702,916.
• 535,120 Delawareans fully vaccinated, up 976 from the previous day. 
• 1,183,012 total vaccine doses administered, up 1,505 from the previous day.
Click here for a full report with information by county and zip code.