Trending – Bidens end long weekend in Delaware by attending nephew’s wedding to former Real Housewives star


President Joe Biden flew out of New Castle Airport at mid-afternoon on Monday after a long weekend at his home near Greenville. 

Before flying out Monday afternoon, Biden and First Lady Jill Biden attended the wedding of his nephew and a former star of the Real Housewives of Orange County at the president’s sister’s nearby home in Pennsylvania. 

The wedding of Cuffe Biden Owens and Meghan King was profiled on the Brides Magazine website.


On Friday night, the president switched up his usual Delaware flight schedule.

According to the White House schedule, the president flew into Brandywine Creek State Park at about 7:31 p.m. rather than arriving at New Castle Airport. Biden then traveled about 15 minutes via motorcade to his home near Greenville.

The only event listed during the weekend on the official schedule  was attendance at Sunday services at St. Joseph on the Brandywine.

The new landing location may eliminate some of the traffic tie-ups that occur on Route 141 that are known as “Joe Jams.” Social media postings of his visits typically draw harsh comments from  Biden critics who say he should remain and the White House, resign or be impeached.

Biden returned to Delaware Friday after offering remarks at the White House on recent figures that showed slower-than-expected growth in new jobs and a lower unemployment rate.

The figures showed that a labor shortage does not appear to be easing, despite an end to pandemic jobless benefits.  Factors are believed to include a lack of daycare services,  early retirements, and continuing fears about contracting the Covid-19 virus in the workplace.

Covid-19 cases have been dropping around the country, although Delaware seems unable to get off a plateau dating to mid-September.

The president and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden spend many of his weekends at his northern Delaware home.

The weekend visits provide a modest boost to the economy as staff and security personnel fill up hotel rooms on Wilmington’s riverfront.

A factor in the long weekend is  Columbus Day remaining a federal holiday over the objections of those who say the explorer contributed to the genocide of native peoples.

The day has become one of many “wedge issues,” with some Italian-Americans objecting to the end of the holiday in some localities. Statues of Columbus have been taken down or covered up in Wilmington, Philadelphia, and other cities. 

The Wilmington Columbus statue was taken down along with the Rodney Square statue of founding father Caesar Rodney, a slaveholder.

In the past, Columbus Day parades and other events were attended by local and state political leaders.