State Labor Department reports 25,000+ cases of suspected jobless benefit fraud

The Delaware Department of Labor is asking employers to take an active role in combatting fraudulent unemployment claims.
In social media posts, the department reported that it has identified 
25,149 cases of suspected fraud claims due to identity theft since the beginning of the pandemic.
Employers have long reported getting notices from the state of individuals filing claims who never worked for the organization. Some individuals have seen their identities used in filing fraudulent claims.
The potential for fraud increased as the federal  CARES Act and other programs offered unemployment benefits for people not covered by the unemployment insurance system.
In response to the high volume of calls, the department’s Fraud Unit is receiving, a  process for employers to follow in reporting the incidents is now in effect, the department announced: 
When reporting fraud, the employer should provide the following:
• The alleged employee’s full name
• The employee’s mailing address
• The best contact information for the employer and the employee
• The last four digits of the employee’s
Social Security number
The department asked. those affected to do the following: 
: File a police report. Attach a copy of the police report to UI to the email address in “Step 2.”
: Notify Unemployment Insurance (UI) at to file an identity theft complaint.
: Report it to the Federal Trade Commission and start a recovery plan at
For more information:
Separately, the department will invite what it described as “affected Delawareans”  to locations in each county to provide documentation including driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, passports, and mail that is addressed to the claimant to verify their identity. 
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