Salisbury, MD hospital erects tent to handle Covid infusion treatments


A Salisbury, MD regional hospital has set up a tent to treat people with coronavirus symptoms.

TidalHealth Peninsula temporarily moved its Covid-19 monoclonal antibody infusion treatment out of the emergency department and inside a tent erected near the walk-in entrance.
The tent is not a testing or vaccination point.
TidalHeath also operates TidalHealth Nanticoke in Seaford, which is not directly affected by the move.
Both hospitals have seen a surge in Covid-19 cases, leading to a postponement of elective surgeries requiring an overnight stay.
The relocation in Salisbury allows the emergency staff to expand space and beds to meet growing demand.
According to TidalHealth, If a person tests positive for Covid-19 and feels the monoclonal antibody infusion may be beneficial, they should consult with their primary care provider, who can help to determine if the procedure is needed.
If the individual is determined to be a good candidate, their primary care provider must refer them for the monoclonal antibody infusion. The person will be contacted to schedule their appointment.
Typically, candidates have less severe symptoms of the virus.
The treatment is a lab-created protein that mimics immune system antibodies that block viruses.
By blocking viral attachment and entry into human cells,  the procedure helps neutralize the virus and reduce the risk of developing severe Covid that can lead to the use of ventilators in critical cases.
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