Delaware Business organizations endorse Biden vaccine plan


The Delaware Business Roundtable and Delaware State Chamber of Commerce endorsed the Biden Administration’s plan to mandate vaccinations for larger employers.

The Chamber and Roundtable released the following: 

“With safe and effective vaccines to fight Covid 19 now FDA-approved and widely available, Delaware’s employers are increasingly taking steps to encourage and often require employees and customers to get vaccinated,  The Delaware Business Roundtable and the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce applauded the actions taken by individual companies to create healthy work environments and protect employees, their families, customers, and contractors from infection. 

The release continued: “In addition, we support the Biden Administration’s announcement yesterday to intensify efforts to compel vaccinations and expand testing since those two elements are critical to defeating the pandemic.  We look forward to working in concert with Governor Carney to expand vaccinations in Delaware’s business, government and education communities.”

The Biden Administration is expected to ask the U.S. Labor Department to order an emergency rule requiring vaccinations or weekly testing for companies employing 100 or more.


A more sweeping order from the administration will mandate vaccinations for health care organizations accepting Medicare and Medicaid funds.

The mandates have generated opposition from some Republican governors who have vowed to take on the Biden Administration.

Some business owners worry mandates might further tighten the labor market if those opposed to vaccine decide to leave their jobs.

Similar  concerns were voiced by Gov. John Carney in hard-to-fill positions in areas such as corrections.  State employees are given the option of regular Covid-19 testing.