Home Coronavirus Carney, health director praise ChristianaCare’s vaccine mandate

Carney, health director praise ChristianaCare’s vaccine mandate

Carney, health director praise ChristianaCare’s vaccine mandate
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Gov. John Carney and State Division of Public Health Secretary Dr. Karyl Rattay praised ChristianaCare’s requiring Covid-19 vaccinations for all employers, staff, and contractors.

Carney said the state’s largest employer deserved credit for going a step further ordering the mandate that drew a couple of protests.

Rattay said the requirement was a success based on the vaccination rate at the health care system increasing to 98 percent. The 98% figure includes those who received exemptions for religious or other reasons.


(See video below from 6ABC, Philadelphia)

Many of those who refused to be vaccinated were part-time workers, according to ChristianaCare.

The State of Delaware has stopped short of a vaccination mandate by requiring those who do not get shots to get regular testing.

The governor was quick to add that anyone who does not meet a vaccine requirement from an employer will not be eligible for unemployment compensation.

Earlier in the day, Carney announced an order requiring teachers and staff in public and private schools to get vaccines or undergo regular testing.

While Delaware is making progress on vaccinations, the rate of new daily Covid cases remains around 450 after falling to as low as 20.

The high number of cases and hospitalizations led two Sussex County hospitals, Beebe and TidalHealth Nanticoke to suspend elective surgeries that require an overnight hospital stay temporarily.

Rattay said the faster-spreading Delta variant is the reason for the surge. Test samples indicate that the variant now accounts for nearly all new cases.

“Areas of concern” for new cases include areas to the west and south of Dover but not coastal areas. The number of cases is also elevated in the City of Wilmington, according to Rattay.

Vaccination rates are lower among younger Blacks in Kent, Sussex and Wilmington areas.

The highest rates of new cases and hospitalizations match areas in Delaware with lower vaccination levels.

One success story comes from  Hispanic residents whose vaccination rate is above the state average, Rattay and Carney noted.

Children, five to 17,  now have the highest percentage of Covid-19 cases, edging out younger adults.

Rattay said child hospitalizations have increased, but are not at the level seen over the winter in Delaware and nowhere near states like Arkansas and Mississippi.

The rising number of infections among children was expected as more testing takes place and that age group goes back to school.

Based on federal figures,  Covid-19 hospitalizations are anywhere from 10 to 22 times higher among the unvaccinated, Rattay said.

On the topic of third doses and booster shots, Rattay admitted that the situation is confusing.

As things now stand, Pfizer-BioNTech booster shots are available for those over 65 and others in high-risk situations.

Third doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines apply to those with compromised immune systems and other conditions.