PNC to resume Common Wealth Awards


PNC is making plans to resume the 2021 Common Wealth Awards.

The annual awards were last presented on its 40th anniversary in 2019.

PNC spokesman Jason Beyersdorfer confirmed that the annual event is in its planning stages and will continue. 

PNC administers the Common Wealth awards from the trust of Ralph Hayes, a former director of one of PNC’s predecessor banks and an executive with Coca-Cola.

The award honors achievers in the arts, journalism, science, public policy, and other areas.

The Common Wealth Awards require honorees to accept the honor and cash prize in person at a ceremony at the Hotel duPont.

The public portion of the event featuring a press conference and a dinner with public officials and PNC clients had been scaled back before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Diane Keaton, Sullenberger and Noonan receive PNC’s Common Wealth Awards

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