Fewer discounts as gas prices trend downward


Delaware gas prices dropped a couple of cents a gallon on  Thursday, with convenience store chain Royal offering $3 a gallon gas in some locations. Prices at Wawa were a few cents higher but remained below their earlier peak figure.

AAA Mid-Atlantic reported the average price at the pump in Delaware was $3.05 a gallon, down a penny from a day earlier.

According to AAA’s  Fuel Price Finder, the price gap between convenience store chains like Wawa and Royal Farms and discounters like BJ’s and Costco narrowed in recent days. A gas war started by independent stations in Middletown and Talleyville wound down.


For example, long-time price leader Costco, which operates a store in the Christiana area east of Newark,  was posting a $ 2.90-a-gallon price, up a few cents in the past week.

  Today’s Average One Week Ago One Month Ago One Year Ago
National $3.19 $3.16 $3.13 $2.17
Delaware $3.05 $3.07 $2.99 $2.24
Dover $3.03 $3.08 $2.98 $2.23
Milford/Seaford $3.03 $3.07 $2.99 $2.23
Wilmington/Newark $3.06 $3.07 $2.99 $2.24
Maryland $3.09 $3.09 $3.00 $2.27

The price of crude oil dropped in recent days on concerns about the Delta Covid-19 variant hurting demand and a reported build-up in inventories.