Capital One delays office reopening to November


Capital One has pushed back its in-person office reopening until November.

Vaccinations will be required for those returning to its offices and campuses. However, unvaccinated staff can work remotely into 2022.

Capital One has offices in Wilmington. It is based just outside Washington, D.C.

CEO Rich Fairbank wrote to associates that the reopening would be delayed from early September until November due to the spread of virus. Capital One is sticking with a hybrid format using both in-office and staff working remotely.

“Unfortunately, we have watched the Delta variant tear a hole through the steady course of improvement in Covid-19 outcomes that we had been experiencing. As a result, we have made some modifications to the reopening plans that we announced on June 29. These changes apply to office-based roles in the United States. For all other roles, associates should follow guidelines from local leadership.” 


Associates returning to offices on Nov. 2 will need to be vaccinated. According to Fairbank, those who are not vaccinated should work from home, effective through at least the first quarter of 2022.

Contractors or others in offices or campuses would need to show proof of vaccination.

No long-term vaccination policy was announced due to the uncertainties of the course of the pandemic, Fairbank wrote.