The 50 largest recipients of Restaurant Revitalization Fund grants in Delaware


Brew Haha Inc. topped the list of Delaware establishments receiving  Restaurant Revitalization Fund grants as part of the American Rescue Act.

The multi-store coffee shop and roastery received nearly $3 million from the program. Restaurants, caterers, and foodservice companies were eligible to receive funds that become grants if used to cover eligible expenses.

Waterfall Catering, Claymont was approved for nearly $2.1 million. Catering companies were affected more than restaurants from Covid-19 due to restrictions on larger gatherings. 

Buffet restaurants often ranked in the top 50 since the dining option was barred under Covid-19 restrictions.

A total of 286 restaurants in Delaware received nearly $68 million in potential grants.
The information below is based on data released by the Small Business Administration following a Freedom of Information Act request.

The approvals  amounted to fewer than 40 percent of the 763 restaurants in Delaware that sought a total of $186.6 million under the program.

The Restaurant Revitalization Fund quickly ran through its $28 billion allocations.

The restaurant industry lobbied hard for the program since many foodservice operations did not qualify for the Payroll Protection Program, which reimbursed establishments for retaining staff during the pandemic.

Delaware restaurants were among the hardest hit, at least in the early stages of Covid-19 restrictions. The state early offered HELP loans that went to dining establishments but were later extended to salons and other businesses facing restrictions.

Below is a listing of the 50 top recipients from a Small Business Administration database and a release of loan volume by state. The details link requires use of  the search feature with name of business-LLC.

Click here for the SBA’s searchable database-spreadsheet.

1. Brew Haha! Inc. Wilmington $2,984,227.00 Details
2. Waterfall Catering Corp.  Claymont $2,088,710.00 Details
3. Tortella Enterprises Inc. (Paradise Grill, Millsboro (Pot Nets) Millsboro $1,727,606.82 Details
4. Ale House Hospitality LLC (Washington Street  Ale House) Wilmington $1,524,460.00 Details
5. 216 9th Retail LLC   Wilmington $1,314,718.98 Details
6. Big Fish Wilmington LLC Wilmington $1,166,210.00 Details
7. RBFEC LLC (Lefty’s Alley & Eats) Lewes $1,138,214.00 Details
8. Nobeach Inc. (Northbeach) Dewey Beach $1,123,869.00 Details
9. Seztex Inc. (Harry’s Savoy Grill) Wilmington $1,095,625.00 Details
10. Prouse Enterprises LLC. (Domino’s franchise) Milford $1,057,555.85 Details
11. Hackensack Wings LLC (Hoot’s ‘Hooter’s’ Wings) Newark $1,021,531.00 Details
12. Hibachi Grill International Buffet Glasgow $992,177.00 Details
13. Cottage Industry LLC (La Fia) Wilmington $966,903.00 Details
14. Summerhouse Ventures LLC Rehoboth Beach $956,381.00 Details
15. Harpoon Hanna’s Inc Fenwick Island $897,004.00 Details
16. Progressive Growth LLC (Docklands Riverfront) Wilmington $841,236.55 Details
17. Kelly’s Logan House Wilmington $819,994.00 Details
18. Grand Ventures Inc. (Irish Eyes) Milton $791,987.60 Details
19. FTK Investments LLC (Capers and Lemons) Wilmington $775,782.93 Details
20. Food for Thought Inc. (catering) Wilmington $747,571.00 Details
21. Martuscelli Restaurant Group Inc. Klondike Kate’s Newark $725,907.00 Details
22. Brick Works II LLC Millsboro $719,600.64 Details
23. Three Patrones LLC (Kid Shelleen’s) Wilmington $694,197.00 Details
24. 610 Market St.  LLC (Bardea) Wilmington $689,776.00 Details
25. 1412 Associates Inc.  Wilmington $682,949.00 Details
26. Min & Cheng Inc.  (Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet) Bear $676,411.00 Details
27. Saudades Group LLC (Newark steakhouse) Middletown $651,045.00 Details
28. The Farmhouse of Delaware LLC (catering) Wilmington $643,507.00 Details
29. Austins Group Inc (Purple Parrot) Rehoboth Beach $624,936.87 Details
30. Urbancafe llc (catering, restaurant) Wilmington $575,142.00 Details
31. Kungfu Hotpot LLC Newark $563,246.72 Details
32. SIG Stanley’s Tavern LLC Wilmington $551,523.28 Details
33. Arena’s Milford LLC Milford $508,103.00 Details
34. First Step Corporation (Fork+Flask) Rehoboth Beach $490,277.38 Details
35. Sushi Xtreme LLC Wilmington $475,134.00 Details
36. CFC Steele Group LLC (Timothy’s of Newark) Newark $456,266.00 Details
37. Hoppy LLC  (Brickworks) Smyrna $438,737.00 Details
38. Hebros Kitchen LLC (Caterer, food truck) Wilmington $435,673.61 Details
39. Forty Acres Hospitality LLC (Stitch House Brewery) Wilmington $434,350.19 Details
40. LSRG Lewes $427,432.00 Details
41. McGlynns Dover LLC Newark $416,296.00 Details
42. Smyrna Diner Inc. Smyrna $413,762.21 Details
43. Columbus Inn Management Inc. Wilmington $405,968.00 Details
44. Jaymit Inc (Dos Locos) Rehoboth Beach $403,110.05 Details
45 Lady Liberty Restaurant Group (Cosi franchise) Wilmington $400,422.00 Details
46. RB Azafran Inc Rehoboth Beach $395,368.50 Details
47. Kenny C Inc (Fraizer’s) Dover $384,151.00 Details
48. El Camino Property Management LLC (La Haciienda)  Milford $380,543.48 Details
49. Golden Fleece Tavern LLC Dover $380,505.02 Details
50. The MLINC Corporation (Whereabouts Cafe)  Newark $369,273.00 Details


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