Rocket.Chat announces partner program

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Rocket.Chat announced the release of Catalyst, its new partner program. 

Rocket.Chat is headquartered near Wilmington.

The company recently had a successful Series A funding round that raised $19 million.

“The investment we made to revamp our existing (partner) program reinforces our commitment to our partners and ultimately, to our customers, to better serve them at a local level and on a global scale. Our partner ecosystem plays a crucial role in our go-to-market strategy,” stated Gabriel Engel, co-founder, and CEO of Rocket.Chat. “Partners act as our service arm because they are the ones who are implementing strategic projects, scaling our apps, and setting up the integrations that enable our customers to personalize and make the most of their Rocket.Chat experience.”

Rocket.Chat is used by Audi, Alfa-Bank, Caixa, Daimler, HTC, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Nationwide Insurance, and other enterprises worldwide to control their communication, manage their data, and have their own collaboration platform to improve team productivity.

Rocket.Chat users can switch between team chat and video or audio calls with screen sharing.

The platform’s open-source foundation empowers enterprises with access to the source code so that they can fully customize, extend or add new functionality to meet their requirements.

Rocket.Chat is now installed on more than 700,000 servers, counts over 12 million users worldwide, and has an active community of over 800 developer-contributors.

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