A silly 5G controversy in Dewey

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Hello everyone,

There’s only one word to describe the furor taking place over 5G towers in Dewey Beach. That word is silly.

The dust-up came when poles with 5G equipment conflicted with views of the beach and ocean.

Mobile carriers have broad powers when it comes to installing high-speed service. Otherwise, a few disgruntled people could tie things up for years.

Demand is strong for the service from beachgoers, who are key to the tourism-based economies in beach communities that are now struggling with the aftermath of Covid-19.

It remains a mystery why people in nice settings spend so much time calling, texting, and surfing the web.

Yes,  the towers are jarring, but work was underway to resolve the situation.

That did not appease some residents who set up the overwrought  Save Dewey Beach website from holding a demonstration and filing a lawsuit in Chancery Court. 

It was not a good look to see this crowd adding to the court docket and holding a “demonstration”  in a state and nation with far more serious issues.

We have learned that installing 5G is an issue in many communities that object to the aesthetics of poles.

The Washington Post (subscription), which pays a lot of attention to Coastal Delaware, used Dewey as its focal point in a recent story. After all, this strip of sand is the home to many current and one-time  Beltway dwellers.

Also in the mix are unproven claims that 5G is dangerous. The crowd promoting this drivel runs alongside those promoting dangerous vaccine myths.

My advice  is to  “take a chill pill.” Life will go on, and when all is said and done, you’ll be among the first to have the next big thing in the consumer tech world.

In the meantime, focus your energy on issues like sea levels, coastal flooding, and extreme weather that could do a lot more than mess up your view.

Enjoy your weekend and stay off those phones at the beach. – Doug Rainey, chief content officer.

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