Updated: Biden spends weekend in Delaware after issuing executive order on business competition


President Joe Biden left Delaware   Sunday night after a weekend visit that featured a couple of rounds of golf.

Biden early Friday night and golfed at  Fieldstone in the Greenville area on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, he golfed with Jim Larkin, golf operations director at the club. He golfed with family members on Sunday, according to the White House schedule. 

Biden also attended mass on Saturday night.

Biden returned to the White House at 9:30 p.m. Sunday after a later than normal departure.

Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden spend the bulk of their weekends at their northern Delaware home, with only one visit to their second home near Rehoboth Beach since his inauguration in January.


The visits create brief traffic delays along a motorcade route to and From New Castle Airport and draw comments on social media, mainly from Biden critics.

Biden’s trip comes during unsettled weather in the area on Friday night, with a Thunderstorm Warning issued for New Castle County that brought brief, intense downpours, and high winds.

The Biden trips to Delaware have a modest impact on the Wilmington economy as reporters and staff book hotel rooms.

On Friday,  Biden is expected to sign an executive order aimed at increasing competition.

(See White House video below)

The Biden-Harris Administration, while having limited power in antitrust matters, believes that the recovery is hindered by a concentration of market share among a few companies in technology and other areas.

Companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple have been accused of limiting competition through various methods, including buying up promising competitors or launching their own ventures that strangle the upstarts.

Tech companies have denied the claims.

The order is expected to call on regulatory agencies to draw up rules regarding competitive practices. The order included controversial practices by airlines and banks.

This week, Delaware’s Kathy Jennings joined nearly three dozen attorneys general around the nation in suing Google for billing and other practices related to apps used in mobile devices.

There has been growing bipartisan support for further regulatory scrutiny of tech giants.

On Tuesday, Biden is scheduled to arrive in Philadelphia to give a speech on voting rights.