2 confirmed tornadoes damage homes, farms, business


The National Weather Service, Mount Holly, NJ, confirmed two tornadoes caused scattered damage in southern Delaware late Thursday afternoon.

A team from the weather office went to the area to assess the damage.

The thunderstorm came out of Maryland’s Eastern Shore and spawned tornadoes when meeting up with a sea breeze.

The first twister caused intermittent wind damage in a 3.9-mile path extending from Farmington to Houston.

Damage included trees, a home where a tree fell on the roof, and a metal roof peeling off at a business. (See accompanying photo-graphic from the National Weather Service).

The second tornado traveled about 4.8 miles from Milford to Slaughter Beach.

The tornado uprooted trees and damaged the roof of a porch at one home, leading to insulation being scattered around the area and a TV antenna being bent.

At another home, a shed collapsed. The storm also took roofs roof off two pole barns, with two trailers being overturned.

The tornadoes were listed as EF1’s, with winds estimated at  90 miles an hour.

The confirmations are preliminary and subject to change.

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