Senator hits pause button on Freedom of Information bill after media coverage

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A state senator has put a controversial bill on Freedom of Information Act requests on pause.

Kyle Evans Gay, D-Brandywine Hundred, announced the deal  in an effort to more fully discuss Senate Bill 155

The bill from the freshman senator was developed in conjunction with state Attorney General Kathleen Jennings and the state Justice Department to address issues related to the bill that included alleged abuses by people who among other things attempt to settle scores with government employees.

Mat Marshall, a spokesman for the Department of Justice and Gay denied that the bill would increase fees for FOIA requests and acknowledged the that proposed changes would generate criticism from the media and others.

Critics had pointed to a  new scanning fee as an indication that costs of requests would rise and criticized a provision that moved appeals of denials to Superior Court, a process that would lead to legal costs.

Over the weekend, Evans Gay fired off a series of tweets and a Facebook Post expressing her support for the Freedom of Information Act and defending the bill.

The  Delaware Coalition for Open Government claimed the bill could make Delaware the most expensive state in the nation when it comes to copying and other fees for public records requests.
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