Carney plans to end emergency order in mid-July


Gov. John Carney on Tuesday announced that he intends to lift the Covid-19 State of Emergency Order on July 13.

Governor Carney first signed the emergency order on March 12, 2020.

Majority Republican legislatures have been passing measures that would limit or eliminate the ability of governors and other public officials to declare emergencies.

In Delaware, GOP legislators have called for an end to the emergency order. 

Carney has said the order is needed to deal with areas such as schools and evictions.

“We now have the tools to prevent COVID-19 infection, serious illness, and hospitalization,” said  Carney. “Get vaccinated. Ask your friends and family if they’ve received their shot. These vaccines are extremely safe and effective. Even if you’re young, healthy, and not worried about the effects of COVID-19, consider doing your part. Getting vaccinated will prevent new infections among our immunocompromised neighbors and help us keep moving past this pandemic.”

The state has seen a sharp decline in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations.

Carney also signed a modification on Tuesday that makes technical changes to the 29th emergency order.

Under the modification, educators and staff in schools and child care centers are not required to wear masks when children are not present, according to Tuesday’s modification. Students and staff also are not required to wear masks outdoors.

Those not vaccinated are still strongly encouraged to wear a mask following guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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