Sussex, the most vaccinated county, has lowest number of Covid cases

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Delaware’s most vaccinated county also has the lowest rate of Covid-19 cases.

Based on data from Big Local News, a venture of Google with partners Covid Act Now and the New York Times, the state’s southern-most county has reported fewer cases than New Castle and Kent counties over the past two weeks.

Sussex County has a 56% vaccination rate, compared to the statewide figure of just over 51%.

blankKent County has the lowest vaccination rate in the state by a wide margin but has fewer new cases than New Castle County. Earlier this week, state officials reported that the only hotspot for new Covid-19 cases was Delaware City in New Castle County.

The percentage of fully vaccinated residents is about 36%, based on Delaware Division of Public Health figures.

Figures in the Thursday report from the Delaware Division of Public Health showed a continued decline in cases as the state ends its mask mandate for fully vaccinated residents on Friday morning.

There were no new deaths, with the total number succumbing to Covid-19 complications remaining at 1,652.

New daily cases are hovering around 100, a figure approaching the summer low during the pandemic. The number. of people taking tests has declined sharply, although that may indicate fewer people with possible Covid-19 symptoms.

The closely watched metric of total positive rests was 3.7 percent, well below the 5 percent threshold from the World Health Organization.

Below is a graphic from Big Local News. Laptop and desktop computer uses can tap cases, fatalities, and vaccinations for the latest figures.

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