Covid-19 update: Sussex has highest vaccination rate, lowest infection rate

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It may be a little early to speculate on such things, but Covid-19 cases have declined in Sussex, the state’s most vaccinated county.

Among Delaware’s three counties, Sussex has the largest percentage of people partially and fully vaccinated (55 percent) according to a Big Local News graphic that uses dashboard data from the New York Times.

Sussex also has the lowest number of cases per 100,000 population among the state’s three counties.

Sussex had two previous outbreaks of Covid-19 early in the pandemic, one tied to poultry workers and the other related to senior week activities.

Sussex has a sizable population over that was part of the earlier Phase 1B vaccination rollout. All Delawareans over 16 are now eligible for Covid-19 vaccinations.

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By contrast, Kent County has the lowest vaccination rate and the highest number of new cases per 100,000. New Castle County ranked in the middle on the vaccination and new case rate.

Delaware is seeing a modest decline in Covid-19 cases after a mini-surge in April.

Here are the latest Covid-19 numbers from the Delaware Division of Public Health as of Sunday night:

  • No new deaths, with Delaware’s total number of Covid-related deaths at 1,626.
  • 163 new positive cases, bringing the overall total to 105,067.
  • 19.4 percent of people tested positive in the seven-day rolling average, down nine-tenths of a percent from the previous day.
  • 4.9 percent of total tests were positive in the seven-day rolling average, up one-tenth of a percent from the previous day.
  • 139 current hospitalizations (down 17 from the previous day), including 17 individuals in critical condition.
  • 23 new hospital admissions (up 8 from the previous day).
  • 304,306 Delawareans fully vaccinated, up 2,264 from the previous day.
  • 762,869 total vaccine doses were administered (up 3,183 from the previous day).

Click here for more data, including breakdowns by age, sex, race/ethnicity, at the statewide, county, and, in some cases, zip code or census tract level.

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