Robbins Diamonds won’t rock much longer as jeweler announces closing

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Robbins Delaware Diamonds store plans to close after nearly a quarter-century.

The store near the Delaware Tech Stanton Campus and Christiana Mall is owned by brothers Gordon and Jason Robbins.

Robbins focused its heavy broadcast advertising schedule on the store’s size and Delaware’s lack of a sales tax.

The store also became well known for the deep bass voice of Gordon Robbins’ father, Jerry, who passed away in 2018, and the tagline “Robbins rocks.” The family, at one time, owned seven stores in the region.

“I was known in school as the kid whose dad wore a diamond in his beard,” recalls Robbins. “My dad was a big presence, and I feel fortunate to have worked shoulder to shoulder with him and my grandfather and uncles for many years.”

The brothers said the store remained successful throughout the pandemic but decided it was time to pursue other interests.

Gordon Robbins said he is looking forward to exploring new opportunities and traveling with his wife. “I feel it’s the end of an era,” he stated. “But I’m ready for a new chapter in life.”

The store will hold a going out of business sale.

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