Peloton cries foul after federal warning urges parents with kids and pets to not use one of its treadmills

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Peloton, an exercise machine company with a showroom in Christiana Mall, fired back after a federal Consumer Products Safety Commission warning issued Saturday called for families with children or pets to stop using its Tred+ treadmill.

The advisory was issued after one child died in an accident with the treadmill and other injuries were reported.

The company sells the treadmills for more than $4,000 each with an additional monthly membership fee for workout videos viewed from the machine’s monitor. See link to the press release below:

In its statement, Peloton stated that “the company is troubled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) unilateral press release about the Peloton Tread+ because it is inaccurate and misleading. There is no reason to stop using the Tread+, as long as all warnings and safety instructions are followed. Children under 16 should never use the Tread+, and members should keep children, pets, and objects away from the Tread+ at all times.”

Peleton stated that it issued an advisory to members to follow safety precautions including storing the safety key away from children.

The company also reported the accidents to the CSPC and issued warnings to members.

The statement continued, “Peloton is disappointed that, despite itsoffers of collaboration, and despite the fact that the Tread+ complies with all applicable safety standards, CPSC was unwilling to engage in any meaningful discussions with Peloton before issuing its inaccurate and misleading press release.”

Peloton added that it remains open to working with CPSC to further ensure that members are safe and have the opportunity to live healthier and fuller lives through the use of Peloton products”

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