Greenville company now offering Jamaican, Colombian CBD products direct to consumers

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American Fiber Co., Greenville, launched an e-commerce site that offers certified organic Colombian- and Jamaican-grown cannabidiol (CBD) products direct to consumers.

The website for Ambassador products can be found at American Fiber plans to add topical and edible products within the next few months.

The company continues to be a leader in the import space, with its Candelay Industries subsidiary being the first to import finished products from Colombia in early 2020 and CBD distillate from Jamaica late last year. It is now offering these premium products direct to consumers.

“Much like coffee from the equator, pineapples from Hawaii, and potatoes from Idaho, some crops are best grown in a specific region,” said American Fiber CEO James Brobyn. “The suppliers for our full-spectrum CBD products operate in geographic regions with optimal environmental conditions – including soil, annual rainfall, average temperature, sunlight amount, and elevation – that cannot be replicated in other parts of the world or inside a laboratory. Each batch then undergoes stringent, repeated third-party testing that enables us to deliver on our promise of potency and optimum performance.”

Greenville, Delaware-based American Fiber Company is a private multi-state cannabis and CBD-products company committed to removing the stigma associated with cannabis. It focuses on all aspects of the industry from seed to sale — cultivation, import, distribution, research, product development, and retail.

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