Delawareans among the least hesitant when it comes to Covid vaccinations

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Delaware residents are among the least hesitant when it comes to  getting coronavirus vaccinations.

That was the finding of a Morning Consult dashboard poll  that comes amid signs that a sizable percentage of Americans do not plan to get shots.

The First State ranked fifth  among states in vaccine willingness.

As of Saturday, 44 percent of Delawareans had been at least partially vaccinated, above the national average of 41 percent.

Morning Consult reported that 14 percent  of Delaware residents are unwilling to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

That’s dramatically lower than last place Mississipi, where the percentage is  30 percent.

The states with the greatest willingness to get vaccine were largely on the East Coast, with Delaware’s Joe Biden winning the most votes in the November presidential election. 

President Donald Trump won by large margins in the largely southern  states with the most hesitancy toward vaccine.  

During the   Trump Administration, Operation Warp Speed contributed to the rapid development of vaccines.

Still, a sizable percentage of  Delaware’s  remain uncertain on vaccinations.

Gov. John Carney said he has detected hesitancy in getting vaccine. More recently, vaccinators have been reporting leftover doses when registrants did not show up.

In a related development  the  Centers for Disease Control and FDA   recommended the resumption of Johnson & Johnson vaccinations. Use of the one-dose vaccine was paused after a rare type of blood clot was reported in women.

Response to the pause ranged from concern that the decision would increase vaccine hesitancy to praise for sending the message that steps will be taken to ensure safety.

Mothers were  a notable source of vaccine skepticism, according to Morning Consult.  Fifty percent of female parents with children in the home say they have been or plan to get vaccinated, 16 points below the national average,.

Fox News viewers and Snapchat users are less willing to get vaccinated. Opposition is particularly high among Snapchat’s younger user base,  with 23 percent not planning to get shots.

Below is another  interactive map  that offers a state-by-state look at vaccinations, Covid-19 cases, and deaths. Laptop and desktop computer users can click twice on the map to get figures by state and county.

Delaware ranks higher than the national figure in the percentage of the population that has received at least one shot and slightly higher than the national average in the percentage of fully vaccinated people.

In its weekly updated the Delaware Division of Public Health reported  682,445 administered doses of the Covid-19  vaccine have been reported.

More than 387,000 Delaware residents ages 16 and older have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, representing nearly 50 percent of the currently eligible population in the state. More than 253,000 are fully vaccinated, representing about a third  of the currently eligible population.

The Morning Consult  dashboard also breaks out willingness by age, income, race, media consumption and more.  

Public health professionals estimate that the spread of the virus  can be controlled if  50 percent or more of the total  population gets vaccine.

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