Covid-19 variants suspected as driver in elevated number of new cases

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Delaware’s public health director says variants of Covid-19 are contributing to an elevated number of daily cases.

Speaking at a town hall event on Wednesday night, Dr. Karyl Rattay said the variants remain an area of concern, due to their ability to spread the virus more rapidly.

Rattay did share a couple of pieces of good news at the town hall.

Vaccines are effective against the New York and UK variants that have shown up most frequently in sampling positive Covid-19 results.

Delaware is. also seeing a decline in cases, with the average daily number of infections in the 200s rather than the 300s.

Public health officials are hoping that more vaccinations will drive down case numbers.

As of Wednesday, about 46 percent of Delaware residents had received at least one dose of vaccine.

Sussex County has seen fewer cases per 10,000 residents than the state’s other two counties. That could be due to vaccinations among the county’s sizable population of seniors.

The number of daily cases has declined in many zip codes that had been seeing elevated case numbers, Rattay said.

Rattay and other state officials have said the number of people being tested for Covid-19 has declined but remains at a high level.

However, Bear, Wilmington, Clayton, and Greenwood have seen increases in positive tests.

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