Vaccination confusion and restaurant workers

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We (myself included) are seeing some confusion over the Carney Administration’s plans for vaccinating front-line workers.

It now appears that restaurant workers will be vaccinated, beginning as early as this weekend.

Following the governor’s press briefing on Tuesday, there was an outcry over restaurant workers not being on the vaccination list that made its way into a subscribers-only Delaware Online piece.

Indeed, the guidelines outlined in the briefing did not seem to include many front-line workers. Grocery store workers had earlier been in the “essential” category along with law enforcement, etc.

It now appears that vaccinations will be scheduled under an expansion of the program, including all Delawareans over 50 and people with pre-existing conditions.

Yesterday, I wrote an opinion piece on the need to vaccinate restaurants and other frontline workers.

It is encouraging to learn that servers, in particular, will have an opportunity to receive vaccines. After all, servers with customers who are often not wearing their masks.

It is a good idea to don your mask when the server approaches. Also, keep in mind that servers may not visit your table as often due to the need to reduce potential contact.

Contact tracing information from the state continues to show that a sizable percentage of people contracting the virus recently visited restaurants.

None of this means restaurants are responsible for spreading the virus.

My theory is that people who are more careless about potential exposure tend to frequent restaurants, parties, etc.

The data does indicate that restaurant workers are at greater risk:- Doug Rainey, chief content officer.

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