The big yellow buses are back

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Hello everyone,

They’re back.

During a brief errand this morning, I spotted a lot of big yellow school buses, a contrast from their modest numbers over the past year.

I was lucky enough not to get behind a bus making multiple stops on a two-lane road. But it was clear that roads are busier thanks to more commuters and kids getting back into the classroom.

None of this means that things are back to normal. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, buses operate well below capacity. Also, many students only enter the classroom a few days a week.

Still, it is good to see more of the vast fleet of yellow vehicles on the road.

It is also encouraging to learn that the state making progress in vaccinating teachers.

We still have a long way to go in facing the daunting challenge of administering Phase 1B second vaccinations. Sadly, there are too many older residents, some over 75, who have not gotten their first shot.

With more clarity on future vaccine shipments from the feds, let’s hope we see a Phase 1C launch announcement shortly. We did see signs that Phase 1B is moving into the essential worker category that other states have followed

How fast the state vaccinates in 1C may hinge on the availability of Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose vaccine that can get the job done in a short time.

So far, Delaware has received a limited number of doses, with no additional shipments expected this month. More are expected in April.

Phase 1C includes younger workers in grocery, hospitality, poultry processing, and other industries. Getting the 1C group vaccinated would boost the economy as state and federal guidance still counsels caution.

A poll released today by Axios shows Americans remain cautious, despite the rising number of vaccinations. That’s actually good news in dealing with variants of the virus that spread faster and could be more resistant to vaccine.

Finally, the recent outbreak tied to University. Delaware is a reminder that the saying “we are tired of Covid, but Covid is not tired of us” remains true. – Doug Rainey, chief content officer.

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