Program that aims to provide pathway to union construction jobs expands to Dover

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The Delaware Pathways 2 Apprenticeship (P2A) reached an agreement with Delaware State University to use a campus classroom to provide training that prepares Kent County participants – largely from low-income communities – gain entry into construction union apprenticeship programs.

The P2A Program was originally developed and operates under the auspices of the Labor, Education, Economics and Empowerment of People (LEEP) organization in New York City. With P2A’s expansion into Delaware, the program has connected with local labor and carpentry unions that are looking to increase their presence in the state.

The first group of Kent County participants are currently involved in P2A classes being held on the university’s main campus in Dover. The six-week program provides refresher instruction in math and reading, as well as knowledge about construction industries, unions, and other pertinent areas during morning sessions.

In the afternoon, the participants get hands-on maintenance experience through community service work. The current group is working with facilities professionals at Wesley College.

“The community services aspect is an important part of this program because we want our participants to understand that it is about “Learn, Earn and Return,” said John Blydea, the co-chair of LEEP, who has helped in the establishment of the first Kent County P2A session. “It is important that they give back and make an investment in their communities, because their communities are making an investment in them.”

The Delaware P2A Program was first established in Wilmington where it has held five different six-week sessions. The current session held at DSU represents P2A first expansion into Kent County.

Any interested in the P2A program can go to

Anthony Floyd, a current participant from Dover, said the P2A Program has been a good move for him. “P2A is providing a lot of knowledge and I will be able to make a central career out of it.”

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