Fujifilm to add inkjet production site in New Castle area

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Fujifilm Imaging Colorants, Inc., (FFIC), a U.S. subsidiary of Fujifilm Corporation, will build a new production plant for printer ink as it works to build its global inkjet business.

The company has a site on Cherry Lane near the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

Rendering of the new production plant for pigment dispersions
Rendering of the new production plant for pigment dispersions

According to Fujifilm, applications for inkjet are expanding into industrial fields such as packaging printing in addition to commercial and publishing printing.

Demand is growing for water-based pigment inkjet inks, which have a low environmental impact and the potential to meet requirements for food packaging safety compliance. Currently, FFIC Inc. in the U.S.operates a water-based inkjet ink manufacturing facility. By adding the new production plant for pigment dispersions (the main colorant in water-based pigment inkjet inks), it will be able to produce consistent, fully-featured water-based pigment inkjet inks built with Fujifilm’s own core dispersion technology, a release stated.

Fujifilm uses its RxD dispersion technology not only for its own inks but also supplies ink manufacturers around the world.

Currently, the development and manufacture of pigment dispersions using RxD technology are limited to a plant in Scotland.

“RxD is a key technology for current and next-generation water-based inkjet inks,” said Ian Wilkinson, president of FFIC Inc. “Expansion of our manufacturing capacity is part of a commitment to ensure we can meet increasing demand to support our global customer base. We are already manufacturing a very high-quality, high-purity product in the U.K. In this venture we are using the design and project management expertise of our U.K. team to execute this project in the U.S. This, alongside expert knowledge, technology and processes will ensure that we manufacture RxD dispersions to the same exceptional standard across both sites.”

Fujifilm Holdings Corporation has global revenues of $21 billion.

This is a developing story and additional information may be added pending a response from Fujifilm.

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