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Covid update: A bump in the road, fewer positive cases and no vaccination no-shows

Covid update: A bump in the road, fewer positive  cases and no vaccination no-shows

Gov. John Carney acknowledged a  “little bump in the road”  dating from February.

The state went a week without vaccine shipments due to the weather, leading to a higher inventory and multiple priorities, including second doses, getting vaccines into lower-income communities, and inoculating educators.

As of Tuesday, the state’s vaccination site reported 85,642 available doses.


On the plus side, the state has more vaccines after a period of higher supplies,  Carney said at the Tuesday Covid-19 briefing.

The governor said the state is making progress in vaccinating people on the state’s sign-up list of people over 65.

Delaware is expected to get vaccinations to teachers by the end of March, in keeping with the goal from President Joe Biden, a former U.S. Senator from Delaware. The governor said.

Walgreens, the largest pharmacy chain in the state, is now putting a  priority on vaccinating teachers. A mass vaccination event is planned this weekend at Dover International Speedway. Walmart is also moving into vaccinations.

Division of Public Health Director Dr. Karyl Rattay said the state continues to see a decline in daily cases. One hotspot, the three zip codes in and around the University of Delaware, is beginning to see a decline in new cases.

Rattay acknowledged that the state has a ways to go in vaccinating elderly residents on the Phase 1B waiting list. So far, 71,000 out of 133,000 residents on the waiting list have received vaccines.

At the same time, efforts to vaccinate frontline workers in Phase 1B are underway. Groups to receive the vaccines include people close to the public at grocery stores and workers in poultry and other food processing plants where social distancing is dificult.

Carney said he is concerned about signs that some residents are reluctant to get the vaccine. He urged family members. He urged family members and others to talk to those who are hesitant about vaccinations.

Rattay also noted that vaccination events were seeing more no-shows and urged those who get appointments to appear or sign out and leave room for others. 

State  Emergency Management Director A.J. Schall reported some people under 65 showed up at invitation-only events after Emails were distributed, some claiming that vaccine was available for all.