Nearly 32% of state’s population has received at least 1 dose of Covid vaccine

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Nearly 32 percent of the state’s population has received at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine, according to Tuesday figures from the state’s vaccination tracker.

The Delaware Division of Public Health reported nearly 460,000 vaccine doses have been administered. As of Wednesday, Delaware had about 100,000 doses available after shipments to pharmacies and the state early in the week.

blankThe figures indicate that Delaware is capable of vaccinating about one percent of its population each day when the Dover site is in operation.

On Tuesday, Gov. John Carney and the Delaware Division of Public Health announced that starting on April 6, all people over 16 can sign up for vaccine.

The Biden administration had recommended that vaccine availability go a larger share of the population as supplies become more abundant. Carney also noted that the state was no longer see a long waiting list for those over 50 who can now sign up.

All people over 65 on the state’s waiting list have received invitations for vaccines.

The state has also been dealing with adults with pre-existing who currently get referrals for vaccines from their family doctor or health care system. Moving those individuals into the vaccine system proved to be tricky.

The pace of vaccinations is accelerating as the state sees more variants that can spread faster than the original virus.

Delaware is now using various strategies, including mass vaccinations at Dover International Speedway and smaller unpublicized invitation-only events that include the developmentally disabled and others at greater risk of contracting the virus.

The state has kept some events low-key due to vaccine hunters who may show up in anticipation of getting leftover doses. Also getting vaccinations are restaurant and grocery staff, teachers, and others listed as essential workers.

To find out vaccination locations, see below (Some states may offer more information than others)

Delaware has been receiving more than 40,000 doses of vaccine a week and is expected to see that number increase in April and May.

The NPR vaccine tracker reported that Delaware ranks slightly below the national average in the percentage of the population that has received at least one vaccine dose and above the national average when it comes to the percentage of residents who have received two doses.

The need to increase the percentage of vaccinated residents has grown as Delaware and other states see more variants of the vaccine that can spread more rapidly and be more resistant to vaccines.

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