Delaware Covid vaccinations move past 225,000


On Monday,  the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported more than 225,000 Covid-19 vaccinations in Delaware.

The latest figures point to  more than  23 percent of the state’s residents receiving  at least one dose of vaccine.

Figures from the Delaware Vaccination Tracker showed the state receiving 65,400 additional doses of Covid-19 vaccine earlier last week after no shipments were delivered during the previous seven days due to bad weather.

Delaware generally receives about 20,000 doses a week, with the Biden-Harris Administration indicating shipments will be stepped up in the coming weeks.

The CDC  reported that 73,675 had received two doses of the vaccine out of the estimated 200,000 65-or older Delawareans and some essential workers in the Phase 1B category.


The state is winding up vaccinations of frontline health care workers, nursing home residents, and others in Phase 1A.

Next up is Phase 1C. No launch date for that group has been announced. 

Over the weekend, the  FDA approved the one-dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. That could mean Delaware will receive 8,000 doses this week, according to the governor’s office.

The state and FEMA  held an invitation-only vaccination event for child care workers over the weekend.  The state Department of Education reported that 4,500 teachers had been vaccinated.