Our view: A day to remember

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Good afternoon,

Today will be remembered in Delaware for many reasons.

The First State has its first President, Joseph R. Biden, Jr., who will serve alongside Vice President Kamala Harris, the first woman to hold national office.

The inauguration remains an inspiring event, despite the specter of a Covid-19 that claimed 4000,000 lives and led to a deserted National Mall. There was also the heavy military presence, a reflection of the attack two weeks ago on the very building where the new president took the oath of office.

Biden’s struck the right notes in his plea for unity and an acknowledgment of the challenges that lie ahead. Biden’s theme that dated back to the darkest days of an ultimately successful presidential campaign.

The plea was echoed in a benediction from a long-time Biden friend, the Rev. Silvester Beaman of Bethel AME Church in Wilmington. His most memorable line – “We will make friends of our enemies.”

Biden’s challenges remain daunting, and divisions remain deep. Wandering into one of the local media outlets’ largely unmonitored Facebook page was a reminder of the anger and hatred that persist.

With that said, there is a reason for cautious optimism.

Closer to home, many in Delaware over the age of 65 registered on the state reservations site for Covid-19 vaccine.

It may take a while for many of us to get vaccines. So far, it appears that only five percent of the state’s population has received doses.

The hope is that vaccine deliveries accelerate, and we finally get some clarity on the number of doses in transit.

Enjoy your evening. This newsletter returns tomorrow. – Doug Rainey, chief content officer.

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