JPMorgan Chase hires 30 grads from the Zip Code Wilmington bootcamp


Zip Code Wilmington, announced a milestone in its   collaboration with JPMorgan Chase.

The program helps Delaware job seekers move  into the technology field and secure full-time employment after completing the 12-week coding “bootcamp.”

In 2020,  JPMorgan Chase hired more than 30 Zip Code Wilmington graduates. These graduates had tuition reimbursement covered by the Delaware Governor’s Executive Order 43, Rapid Workforce Training and Redeployment Initiative, which permits the use of federal CARES Act funding to cover employment and training programs for employees impacted by the Covid-19 public health emergency. This initiative  reduces tuition owed by these students.

“We work with several coding bootcamps and reskilling programs throughout the country and Zip Code Wilmington is a great example of how our strategic collaboration is giving Delaware residents jobs now while increasing their career opportunities and earning potential for life,” said Jennifer McDermott, global technology reskilling lead, JPMorgan Chase. “We look forward to hiring more Zip Code graduates because they possess strong technical skills as well as soft skills that make them excellent team members.”

The Zip Code Wilmington graduates hired by JPMorgan Chase come from diverse backgrounds and have varied  career experience. For instance, several recent hires reskilled from customer service roles as casino dealers, restaurant servers, legal support and sales. Other hires previously worked in the engineering, drafting and research fields. Today, these individuals are software engineers at JPMorgan Chase in Delaware.


“It is inspiring to watch a diverse group of Zip Coders – 25 percent who are women and another 25 percent are those who are underrepresented in the tech industry – consistently and tirelessly work with a singular focus for 12 straight weeks because they know the 80+ hours a week of curriculum and projects will secure their livelihood, create stability for their families, and expand their careers,” said Desa Burton, Executive Director, Zip Code Wilmington.

During the pandemic, Zip Code Wilmington continues to train multiple cohorts of new students. All training is safely conducted utilizing live remote instruction and asynchronous project development with online developer platform tools.

To learn more about Zip Code Wilmington, or how to become a corporate partner. or one  its next cohort, please visit