Heart and Home gift Shop on Newark’s. Main Street to close

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The Heart and Home Gift Shop is closing on Main Street Newark as retail and service businesses become fewer.
The stores in Pike Creek and Glasgow will remain open.
“Not having UD staff and students to shop, construction, parking, and a total lack of cooperation from the City of Newark in supporting businesses have all contributed toward making this difficult decision,” owners wrote in a social media post.
“And looking on the bright side, paring down to just two stores is appealing since we are nearing retirement age. Despite the challenges posed not only at Main Street but also with the pandemic, we are confident in the bright future of Heart And Home,” they wrote.
Main Street has seen a steady departure of retail and service businesses, with a growing number of vacant store spaces in an area that a decade ago had virtually no vacancies. The trend accelerated with Covid-19.
The rebuilding of Main Street was another factor, although the pandemic result in construction finishing ahead of schedule.
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