Covid vaccinations at DMV sites run smoothly on Sunday after long lines a day earlier


(This story was posted Sunday, but was moved back to Friday in order to avoid duplication with Delaware Business Now’s weekly newsletter)

The Delaware Division of Health reported smoother operations on Sunday night at Covid vaccinations at DMV sites in Georgetown and Delaware City.

Saturday saw reports of those over 65 spending hours in line, with traffic backups around the two sites.

DPH reported that 2,048 vaccinations have been done as of mid-afternoon at Georgetown and wait times for the majority of the day were lesss than 30 minutes.

At Delaware City, wait times for those 65 and older have hovered at about an hour for most of the day. Improvements to traffic flow, pre-screening and technology support made events run more smoothly,

The Delaware Division of Public Health still cautioned that only those with reservations will receive vaccine.

A snafu was reported at the Georgetown DMV, with those vaccinated on Saturday and Sunday receiving an Email indicating that their appointment was cancelled.

“Due to extreme cold temperatures affecting computer use Georgetown switched to completing registration on paper forms and it may take a day or two to get that information into the automated system, but we do have record of your vaccination and your appointment having occurred,” a post from the Division of Public Health stated.

There have been cases of people who are only registered on the state website attempting to get vaccine without a confirmed reservation. Rumors also persist about extra doses being available for latecomers without reservations.

The division advised those with appointments for vaccination events on Sunday to fill out their medical history information in their VAMS account before attending the event, rather than risk delays.

The state saw similar delays in earlier events and vaccinated those who were eligible, but has since moved to a stricter policy.

Complaints about the lines and their effect on the elderly were widespread on social media, with calls for portable toilets and other measures. The complaints did not extend to those staffing the events.

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