CSC, Prosperity Partnership announce support for global companies seeking to incorporate in Delaware


The Global Delaware Innovation Program in partnership with CSC and the Delaware Prosperity Partnership is now providing support to international companies looking at Delaware as an incorporation location.

Delaware is the legal home to approximately 1.4 million business entities from around the world, including two-thirds of all Fortune 500 companies.

“Located in the center of the largest consumer market in the United States, Delaware offers an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to enter the U.S. market,” said Kurt Foreman, Delaware Prosperity Partnership CEO. “Our Global Delaware Innovation Program makes it easier for small to mid-size companies to incorporate with ease and speed through our partners at CSC, one of the world’s premier providers of business, legal, tax, and digital brand services.”

Founded and headquartered in Delaware since 1899, CSC provides service that include incorporation.

“Building and operating a successful business is a rewarding experience that demands an unwavering focus on the details of compliance, risk mitigation and technology,” said Jennifer Kenton, CSC’s executive vice president and head of marketing and customer development. “Our teams are excited to help businesses start and evolve through the DPP Global Innovation Program.”

Listed as advantages for doing business in Delaware:

  • Robust infrastructure for corporate governance and intellectual property.
  • Access to lending through major financial institutions with a Delaware presence.
  • Extended hours for services offered by the Delaware Division of Corporations to accommodate filing requests and expedite services for urgent and time-sensitive matters.

Delaware Prosperity Partnership’sGlobal Innovation Program helps connect businesses incorporating in Delaware with the agencies and personnel necessary to complete the process. It also acquaints businesses that are exploring their options with the advantages that incorporating in Delaware would offer them.

Delaware Prosperity Partnership is Delaware’s ecoomic development agency. It is privately operated, but receives funding from the state.

Further details about incorporating in Delaware and the assistance available through DPP’s Global Innovation Program are at

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