Updated: Beebe announces 1B vaccination plan; State won’t confirm report of statewide program


WDEL today reported that Delaware will move coronavirus vaccinations to phase 1B this week.

The agency vaccinations did not confirm the report.“DPH has been preparing to begin Phase 1B and an announcement will be made when that occurs,” stated Jen Brestel, spokesperson for the Delaware Division of Public Health.

Brestel did confirm that the state was developing an appointment-based system.

Lewes-based Beebe Health Care President David Tam confirmed the Coastal Delaware system will move to Phase 1B this week with its primary care patients. Eligibleprimary care patients are those under the care of a Beebe Medical Group primary care provider during the last three years, Tam stated in a social media post.

Due to limited supplies of vaccine 1B vaccinations with Beebe Medical Group primary care patients 80 and older.

“As we receive more supplies, we will continue to expand the age groups, maintaining adherence to the tiering system mandated by the state of Delaware,” Tam stated.

The Delaware Division of Public Health and other agencies have been holding a “sprint” centering on Delaware DMV locations as a way to complete of Phase 1A. Phase 1A includes health care workers and some first responders.

Delaware officials had earlier indicted that Phase 1B would begin, even if vaccinations have not been given to all people in Phase 1A.

Phase 1B will be a massive undertaking requiring at least 400,000 doses of vaccine to inoculate a large group that includes those over 65 as well as many essential workers. The state currently lists lists 78,000 doses on hand.

The state’s hospitality industry has been urging that the state include the 40,000-person industry be included in Phase 1B.

A draft vaccination timetable has a Phase 1 following 1B.

The state currently has an estimated 90,000 doses available, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures.

The state’s “sprint” over the weekend had its share of controversy after a small group of those over 65 were invited to the event. Word of mouth led some who were not invited to get in line.

Following the dust-up, state health officials announced that confirmation letters will be required. There have been cases where a few people in Phase 1B received vaccine, due to leftover supplies following vaccination events.

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