WSFS cautions customers about stimulus scams

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Wilmington-based WSFS is cautioning customers about scams related to stimulus checks and other aspects of the recently signed stimulus bill.

“We caution customers to continue to be alert to fraud. Please be reminded that WSFS will not ask you to provide any personal information via email, phone or text like social security number, or accountnumbers,” an Email message from Rick Wright, chief retail banking officer stated.

The message stated that the $900 billion bill “will provide additional relief for individuals and for the small business community. This will bring much-needed assistance to thoseimpacted by the pandemic as the economy recovers and the vaccine is deployed.”

WSFS and other banks have been given no guidance on when the $600 stimulus checks will be sent via direct deposit.

WSFS advised those seeking updated information on the second round of stimulus, to visit for ongoingupdates.

WSFS and other banks continue to encourage customers to use digital services for access to accounts. Accompanying the merger with Philadelphia-based Beneficial, WSFS invested heavily in technology upgrades to its online banking systems.

Banks have upgraded their online check deposit services before and during the pandemic. WSFS also offers the widely used Zelle system for person-to-person payments, as well as 600 ATMs in the region.

In-person banking is also available.For more information on WSFS’s efforts related to the pandemic,

President Trump signed the bill after earlier criticizing its provisions and the lack of $2,000 checks. An effort to add the $2,000 benefit was voted down by Republicans in the Senate.

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